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Offshore in BVI (BVI)

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Offshore in BVI (BVI) - British Virgin Islands is one of the most rasprostaranennyh solutions in the CIS because of the stability and reliability.

British Virgin Islands - a group of 60 islands and coral reefs in the Caribbean, located to the north-west of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The territory under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. Local government is carried out since 1967. Governmental authority is the Executive Council, headed by the governor, appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UK and comprising the Chief Minister, three ministers and the Attorney General. Official language - English. The main currency - U.S. dollar. No restrictions on converting currencies or transfers into or out of it does not exist. British Virgin Islands are a popular jurisdiction for the registration of offshore companies.

Company Type International business company
Share capital The minimum capital is not installed. Recommended - $ 50 000. Paid up capital is not set
Assessment and reporting A fixed annual fee. Provision of financial statements and the audit is not required
More Requires a minimum of one shareholder and director. There may be individuals or legal entities. Residents or nonresidents. Possible nominee service. Bearer shares are not available. The standard form of the statute allows the company to conduct any activities not prohibited by applicable law and does not require additional licensing
Privacy Policy The law guarantees the confidentiality of the owners and directors. Information from the founding documents, copies of which are stored in the register of companies, can be represented by third parties only after a decision by the Court

The term of a company registered in the first half, you must renew by June 1 of each year, in the second half - until December 1 of each year. Package of services, purchasing a company, includes payment of government fees, provision of registered office and agent service until June 1 or December 1 next year (depending on the time of registration).

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